Senior Vice President of Global Philanthropic Engagement
Mark Hanlon

Since 1979 Mark Hanlon has seen both the legacy work of the past and the visionary work for Compassion’s future align, infusing the ministry with hope to reach even more of the “least of these”. Mark has served Compassion in roles in IT, Sponsor Donor Services, Senior Vice President of USA, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Engagement, Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Relationships, and currently as the Senior Vice President of Global Philanthropic Engagement.

Mark’s team is focused on generating resources beyond the scope of our current sponsorship offerings and establishing high-impact relationships to partner with Compassion for greater awareness, influence, and movement in a global context.

“Supporters of Compassion’s sponsorship program are nothing short of essential in accomplishing the work we do with our church partners across the globe. My vision for a Compassion that will meet previously unreached needs, is to globalize to a technologically savvy world the needs that can be met with broader actionable efforts to a knowledgeable, eager and engaged audience, ready to grow the Kingdom of God with us.”

Raised in inner city Chicago, Mark’s desire to help children was influenced by the example of his parents, who operated a rescue mission for homeless men living on the city’s streets. He became a Compassion sponsor at the age of 18. Through this one-to-one sponsor relationship, Mark was inspired by the organization’s unique holistic approach to meeting the physical, economic, educational and spiritual needs of a child living in poverty and subsequently joined the ministry as a staff member.

Mark and his wife Joey have been married since 1979. They have a son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.


Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Regis University in Denver.