Our people arrive at Compassion from many different countries, unique work backgrounds and diverse life experiences. However, we all come with a unified faith in Jesus Christ and a conviction to release children from poverty in His name.

Scroll through the photos below to learn about a few of our employees based at our Colorado Springs headquarters.

Warren Lotter, Senior Manager of Shared Management Services in IT
Warren smiling

Most people are excited about their new role at Compassion. Not Warren. He was – in his own words – dragged “kicking and screaming” into the ministry. Warren grew up as a pastor’s kid in South Africa and served in a few leadership positions at various churches … but didn’t always have positive experiences. Sure, he had sponsored a Compassion child for many years, but he had no desire to work for the ministry. But God had bigger plans for Warren.

After reaching a plateau at his previous company, Warren needed a change. One of the companies he applied to was Compassion International. While he never expected to be hired, his unique experiences in teaching, business development and management had developed skills that translated directly to an open position at Compassion. During the interview process, God softened Warren’s heart and opened his mind to how he might play a role in our mission. Warren recalls an intentional, two-way interview process that showed the role was a good fit for both him and his new team.. He was so surprised by the interview process that he walked away from the interview praying to be hired.

Three weeks later, Warren got the job. As he has served, he has fallen more in love with Compassion’s mission and people-driven culture. Today he’s serving the ministry by continuing to focus on his work and his team’s development so that – together – they can help release more children from poverty.

“In addition to distinct development programs, it is important to prioritize the intentional building up of individuals and teams as an equally important outcome in all business initiatives…Team members are not simply a ‘means to an end’ – they are ‘the end.’”

SoYoung Lee, Sponsor-Donor Services Supervisor
SoYoung smiling

Following Christ’s leading means venturing beyond our comfort zone. Sometimes His leading takes us to places we’d never expect. For SoYoung, following Christ meant leaving her home to come to the United States and do a job she never thought was possible.

The South Korean native wanted to do great things for God. But she felt stuck in her current job. What she didn’t realize at the time, however, was that God was introducing her to the people and projects that would lead her to Compassion International. Early in her career, SoYoung connected with Compassion donors and visitors who had come to her country to see the ministry in action. She often thought about working at the ministry’s international headquarters in Colorado Springs, but how does a young worker gain the experience and skills needed to make such a move? If you’re willing – like SoYoung – to follow God’s leading, you’ll find that He prepares the way for you.

Following His lead took SoYoung to places she could never reach on her own – including a job at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, leadership positions in church ministries and international trips that prepared her for the task ahead.

Today, SoYoung serves as a Sponsor-Donor Services Supervisor in Compassion’s Colorado Springs-based Global Ministry Center. She dedicates her work to “making disciples of all nations” and providing resources to field churches who impact local communities. She finds great joy in knowing that Compassion’s children are nurtured and protected, and she enjoys working alongside others who are growing closer to Jesus.

“My favorite part of working at Compassion is working at the center of God’s will for us in completing His Great Commission in a global context with like-spirited Christians.”

“My favorite part of working at Compassion is working at the center of God’s will for us in completing His Great Commission in a global context with like-spirited Christians.”

Jeff Norris, Supervisor of Sponsor Donor Services
Jeff smiling

Jeff says it often: “Persistence and hard work make an unbeatable combination for success.” He knows it’s true, because it sums up his own path to Compassion. Jeff began his career as a field manager for an organization in South Africa where his role was to help the local church to lift the surrounding community out of poverty. While Jeff enjoyed serving with the organization, he also had a growing family, and needed to find a job back in the U.S. His first thought was to contact Compassion International because it’s goals fit with Jeff’s passions: helping children and empowering the local church. He applied to several positions within Compassion and was turned down. In hindsight, he says, many of the jobs were above his experience level.

The challenges caused Jeff to evaluate his situation and career goals. He was clearly passionate about ministry work that invested in children through the local church, and his experience in South Africa helped qualify him professionally, but no position quite fit.

But “Persistence and hard work make an unbeatable combination for success.” Jeff kept applying and – after much persistence and hard work – was hired by the ministry. His first position at Compassion as the Resource Fulfillment Team Lead allowed him to understand Compassion’s culture better. He also developed his leadership skills and relationships within the organization. Five years later, Jeff was promoted to his current role of Supervisor of Fulfillment in the Distribution Center. Jeff is inspired daily by the mission of Compassion and the people who surround him, grateful for the hard work that ultimately led him to where he is today.

“I am convinced that investing in children and the local church is the most effective and efficient means of reshaping our world and turning the tide on poverty. I feel privileged to be able to contribute to that goal within Compassion.”

Phil Evans, Director of Leadership Development
Phil smiling

“What is the best way I can serve others?” Phil asked this question as a federal government account manager – a job he held for 15 years. While he was valued for his passion for leadership and team development, he wasn’t thriving personally. The organization lacked a clear mission, limited his creativity and segmented his personal life and beliefs. After deep reflection, Phil decided to leave his job and search for something more fulfilling.

His wife recognized a missing link in his career, and she not only discovered Compassion but also helped him fill out the application. The interview process impacted Phil in two ways: first, he was so moved by Compassion’s mission that he and his family sponsored a child the very night he returned home from his interviews; second, he was deeply moved by his interviewers’ passion to release children from poverty. When he received a job offer, Phil was overjoyed.

From the very start Phil discovered what we mean when we encourage employees to live holistically. We encourage an atmosphere where faith, family and work are fully integrated for one purpose. One year into the job, Phil moved from our Global Program team to the Global Leadership Office, and he now applies his passion and skills on the Leadership Development team. He is excited to equip up-and-coming leaders throughout the organization, and help them stay grounded in Compassion’s mission. Phil is most grateful for a role that connects all parts of his life and uses his talents in alignment with Christ’s mission.

“Before Compassion, church was on Sunday, work was work, and family was family. But at Compassion, I am able to live holistically, where my faith, my work and my family all intersect!”

Beth Andrews, Treasury Analyst
Beth smiling

Freshly graduated from college and ready to gain experience, Beth had a goal: to work for a specific non-profit relief organization – and it wasn’t Compassion. But as she looks back at her career, Beth says her placement at Compassion is a “total God thing.”

Beth applied to the organization and as she waited to hear about a position, she checked with other organizations - in case her first option fell through. Her search led her to Compassion and she saw an opportunity for a spring internship with the ministry. Beth applied and was accepted. When Compassion offered her an internship , she realized she needed to trust God’s timing. Feeling at peace with God’s leading, she took the job.

During her time as a finance intern, Beth traveled for the ministry, developed new skills and expanded her knowledge of Compassion’s work. As a result, she felt God calling her to consider a full-time career with the ministry. Near the end of her internship, a team member approached Beth with a full-time position which she was happy to accept.. Today, Beth uses her experience to mentor Compassion interns who have come along after her. She faithfully relies on the Lord to continually guide her in future decisions and is grateful for Compassion’s role in her story.

“I feel so privileged to be able to come to work every day and do something that I can be passionate about and truly feel is making a difference.”

Alberto Huerta, Senior Director of Product Management in Innovation
Alberto smiling

God has plans for His children and gifts them with unique talents and skills to use in His service. Just ask Alberto. He’s served with several international corporations in Latin America, Europe, Canada and the United States. Along the way, he also learned about Compassion International.

At the time, he didn’t consider working for Compassion, but he did take time to talk to employees and learn about the ministry and its mission. In time, he heard about a job opportunity for someone with his experience and skills. Alberto applied.

The interview process moved quickly, focusing on Alberto’s character and chemistry with his potential team. It was a perfect match. Alberto was offered the job. Now, as a full-time employee, Alberto is passionate about connecting people all around the world work together to reach children in poverty. He is grateful to be able to set a Christlike example for his son, honored to work alongside people who are continually raising the bar to help our ministry be more effective in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

“We’re building on the shoulders of giants who made themselves available to God – courageous people who are committed to bringing Jesus’ hope to children despite the opposition we encounter in this world. God has begun a great work, and I find it a privilege to work alongside talented people that God has gathered to do His work.”

Emily Sarmiento, Senior Director Program Development
Emily smiling

When Jesus walked the Earth, he was committed to God’s love, especially with children. Emily joined Compassion in 2009 to fulfill her desire to follow Christ’s example and share God’s love with children around the world.

Emily’s background with international non-profits includes work with program operations, fundraising, program development and leadership. She also has an academic background which includes education and international development. It was the combination of those skills – with God’s prompting – that led her to seek a role at Compassion.

In her first job at the ministry, Emily directed a team of program advisors who supported holistic child development. Nine months later, she was asked to lead the global child sponsorship program.

Emily later accepted the offer to lead global program strategy and continue increasing Compassion’s effectiveness in child and youth development. Today, she sees how God used both her non-profit and educational experience to prepare her for her current role. She is grateful for the continued opportunity to help Compassion grow and release more children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

“I firmly believe that God has plans and a unique purpose for each of us. When I look across my life’s story and the experiences He has allowed me, I can see how in each season He prepared me for ‘such a time as this.’ I want to be a part of helping millions of young lives around the world experience the joy of discovering their God-given potential and use it to demonstrate His love to others.”

Compassion Teams at Work

Here at Compassion we are so excited by the growth happening in our IT department! Our developers are working on innovative solutions to support our mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. Our IT team is currently using pair programming to accomplish the highest level of technical development, and we can't wait to see what changes are implemented thanks to this team. Watch the video to learn more about some of the women working on our IT teams!

Jimmy Mellado smiles with a Compassion sponsored child

Our President and CEO

Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado leads Compassion as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Jimmy is passionate about empowering local churches throughout the world as they strive to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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