Our people arrive at Compassion from many different countries, unique work backgrounds and diverse life experiences. However, we all come with a unified faith in Jesus Christ and a conviction to release children from poverty in His name.

Scroll through the photos below to learn about a few of our employees.

Crystal Wilson, Manager of Business Support, Church Engagement

Crystal has a simple reason for wanting to work for Compassion: “It’s my dream come true!” She grew up in the church and has always served God’s people. She has ministered in almost every capacity within the church, from singing in the youth choir to becoming a member of the teaching and preaching team to running the children’s ministry in inner-city Detroit. Her love for the church has deep roots - her father, paternal uncles and most of her first cousins are senior pastors.

Crystal came to Compassion after working for Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Wal-Mart in the areas of leading cross-functional teams, project management and resource management. Her desire, however, has always been to minister to underserved children all over the world.

As a remote employee, she connects with her team and others via video calls. Most of her teammates work remote as well, so she doesn’t feel disconnected at all.

“I enjoy being connected to such a meaningful purpose and being able to use what I learned in corporate America to further Kingdom work.”

Jim Kallemyn, Creative Specialist III, Global Leadership Office

Jim found his passion for film at a young age when he and his friends filmed BMX videos. He hasn’t set down his camera since! After completing film school at Columbia College in Chicago, he moved to Colorado Springs to serve at a local church as their video producer.

Jim first heard about Compassion’s mission when Wess Stafford – Compassion’s CEO at the time – spoke at his church. Feeling a tug on their hearts, he and his wife signed up to sponsor Kevin in El Salvador. Though his road to joining the staff at Compassion probably began that day, he remained with that church for the next 10 years.

In 2017, he joined Compassion as a video producer, a role for which he felt uniquely equipped. As he reflects back over his life, he can clearly see how God was preparing him for this time of service. It brings him so much joy to serve on the creative team in the Global Leadership Office.

“As a Compassion sponsor, my family’s relationship with Kevin has grown over the years. My kids pray for ‘Kevin in El Salvador’ every night around the table. They’re learning about what poverty looks like and how Compassion plays a unique role in teaching [children] about God’s love and His Kingdom.”

Evyn Anderson, Workday System Analyst, Finance

Evyn remembers the photo of her family’s sponsored child hanging on her refrigerator. She grew up praying for Albert. At the time, she had no idea that the ministry of Compassion would shape not only her childhood but also her career.

Ten years later, shortly before college graduation, she was searching for something more than just an ordinary job. She wanted to explore God’s kingdom and serve Him in a direct way that would also use her new degree. Uncertain about committing to a full-time job, she remembered Compassion, found their summer internship program on the website, applied and was hired.

She spent that summer with 17 other interns, exploring Colorado, growing in community with Christ and developing deep professional connections and skills.

At the end of the summer, Evyn accepted a full-time position on the same team as a financial analyst. She was later promoted to her current role, helping Compassion implement a brand-new accounting system. She is grateful for the opportunities Compassion has provided for her own personal development, but more importantly, the chance to serve those living in extreme poverty. To her, Compassion is a place where using her professional skills means more than just work.

“God gave me my dream job as my first job. His plan for each of us is so much more than we expect if we are willing to fully commit to Him and put our best foot forward. In the moment, the struggles and hardships sometimes don’t make sense, but looking back, God’s plan is perfect in every way.”

Mario Carillo, Senior Data Scientist, Global Program

When the opportunity to join Compassion International knocked on Mario’s door over a year ago, he didn't think twice about it. He thanked God for answering a prayer that began in 2013, when he was pursuing his master's degree in International and Development Economics at the University of San Francisco (USF). Under the supervision of Dr. Bruce Wydick, he embarked on a research journey in Indonesia working with Compassion’s Frontline Church Partners, Project Facilitators, and sponsored and non-sponsored children. Little did he know, some of the findings of his research were part of a larger research project that would eventually prove the effectiveness of the Compassion sponsorship program.

After graduate school, God led Mario on a researcher’s growth journey at the Center for Health Policy at Stanford University. He later worked at a start-up in the Bay Area and taught graduate-level courses at USF. Looking back at his experiences, he recognizes that God was preparing him for his current role. As a Senior Data Scientist for Global Program, he closely works with the field offices, analyzing data, developing models to guide the work and training others in understanding quantitative results. He works remotely from his home in the Bay Area, interacting with his team members around the world via online communication.

“Compassion’s approach to alleviate poverty merges traditional sector approaches with Gospel teachings, which is unique and yet effective. Every Compassion employee I have interacted with, from the home office to the Project Facilitators, is extremely passionate about what we do. It is this passion that ignites my heart and mind to do my job.”

Sandra McLelland, Deputy General Counsel, Domestic Affairs, Global Counsel Office

It has never been about the law for Sandra. Rather, her career has been defined by speaking up for those who do not have a voice and being an attorney has merely been a vessel through which she speaks up. Before she ever thought of working for Compassion, Sandra was active in her church and sponsored a child, but she always felt a disconnect between her work and her faith.

A few years ago, she began a job search not knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She saw a position in Compassion’s legal department and thought, “They have lawyers?” It never occurred to her that she could transfer her corporate legal skill set to a faith-based nonprofit.

Years of training and challenging experiences in the corporate world prepared Sandra for her current role as Deputy General Counsel, Domestic Affairs. She handles many of the same legal issues that any organization faces, such as contracts, intellectual property and employment matters. However, she now works within the context of stewarding resources and advancing God’s kingdom by releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

One of Sandra’s greatest joys is developing relationships with lawyers at other nonprofit organizations. In the corporate world, she found it difficult to build relationships with attorneys at other companies because they were competitors. Legal departments within nonprofit ministries, on the other hand, welcome collaboration and comradery because poverty is the enemy, not each other.

“Joining Compassion made me realize that my work is important, not because it supports God’s work, but because it is His work.”

David Wangaka, Sponsor Donor Services Supervisor

As a former Compassion-sponsored child in Kenya, David relates to the verse that reads, “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; He seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor…” (1 Samuel 2:8, NIV). Part of Compassion’s program for 16 years, he also graduated from the former Leadership Development Program. He has since cultivated a strong relationship with his former sponsor and visits her in Oregon every summer to help with her garden!

After completing his degree in Political Science and Sociology at a Kenyan university, he began working at an orphanage. That’s where he met his wife, who volunteered at the orphanage, and the two of them moved to the U.S. five years ago. He was interested in working at Compassion because, as an alumnus, he was ready to give back in whatever capacity he could. He was hired as an associate in the contact center, which allowed him the great opportunity to serve supporters and answer their questions. Through dedicated service, he earned a promotion to team lead and then to supervisor, where he currently oversees a team of ten associates.

David appreciates Compassion’s emphasis on care and support for their employees. Just as they provide resources for sponsored children to grow holistically, Compassion wants employees to develop spiritually and professionally. David finds it fulfilling to serve, encourage and empower his staff with the tools to serve supporters and children around the globe.

“It has been a blessing for me to do what I love - being an advocate for the poor and participating in improving social justice.”

Necole Austin, Senior Manager, Facilities

While working a full-time job in the aerospace industry, Necole was enrolled in a business communications class at a local college. One of her assignments was to find a job posting and write a resume and cover letter for that job. After completing the assignment, she kept returning to that posting: Senior Facilities Specialist at Compassion International. She wasn’t actively looking for another job but working long hours to support her three children had begun to take its toll. With little knowledge of Compassion or our work, she decided to apply.

To her amazement, she ended up being offered the job. Her role was to design space planning throughout Compassion’s building and improve work efficiency. Working for a faith-based organization for the first time, she has found that another important aspect of her job is building relationships. She enjoys developing these skills and loves the family atmosphere within her team.

Recently, she was promoted to Senior Manager of Facilities, where she has the privilege of overseeing all aspects of facilities and managing a 20-person team.

“I’m excited to think of where Compassion is headed and how I can contribute. I truly feel God has equipped me with experiences and skills to use here. I look at the great things happening already, and through the eyes of faith, can see that we are only on the brink of where God wants us to be. The opportunity is rich, and the possibilities inspire me to come to work every day.”

Compassion Teams at Work

Here at Compassion we are so excited by the growth happening in our IT department! Our developers are working on innovative solutions to support our mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. Our IT team is currently using pair programming to accomplish the highest level of technical development, and we can't wait to see what changes are implemented thanks to this team. Watch the video to learn more about some of the women working on our IT teams!

Jimmy Mellado smiles with a Compassion sponsored child

Our President and CEO

Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado leads Compassion as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Jimmy is passionate about empowering local churches throughout the world as they strive to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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