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The Office of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) includes the Controller's office, the Treasurer's office, and Finance. This department is responsible for ensuring that Compassion maintains the highest standard of financial integrity and stewardship.

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The People & Culture department supports our global staff, both at the Colorado Springs headquarters and around the world. Members of this department act as employee advocates, recruit top talent to join the Compassion team, and provide training to equip Compassion’s next leaders. Teams include Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Learning Services, Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management, Internal Communications, and Building Operations/Services.

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Global Marketing & Engagement manages the Compassion brand to attract and engage sponsors, donors, and advocates. This department works hard to widen Compassion’s presence among potential donors and deepen loyalty among current donors. Groups include Channel Marketing, Sponsor Retention & Engagement, Global Product & Brand, Emerging Markets, Sponsor & Donor Services, and Innovation.

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Global Program manages all all of Compassion’s program operations, communications and implementation in the 25 countries in which we work. This department ensures that all our local church partners have the resources they need to serve our sponsored children. Groups in this department include the Management Support Office, Child & Youth Development, and Partnerships.

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The General Counsel Office provides legal counsel and guidance for risk reduction across all Compassion Departments. This department also performs regular organizational audits to ensure that Compassion is executing all business operations and practices at a high level. Groups in this department include Legal Services, Office of Risk Management, and Global Board Engagement.

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Our Global Philanthropic Engagement department is focused on generating resources beyond the scope of our current sponsorship offerings and establishing high-impact relationships to partner with Compassion for greater awareness, influence, and movement in a global context.

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Global Information Technology (IT) provides technology and data solutions that accelerate and maximize the mission of Compassion. As the ministry continues to connect more supporters with churches and children in need, the IT department ensures that Compassion has the necessary technology tools and capabilities available to facilitate rapid growth and mission flexibility. Teams include Business Solutions, Data Management, Solutions Engineering, Architecture, Service Management, Agile, Tech Support, Devops, and Cybersecurity.

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