Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Christian Job at Compassion International?

How You Fit

The Ideal Candidate

At Compassion, Jesus is at the center of everything we do. Our commitment to the Church drives our programs, guides our ethics, and inspires the people we hire. We not only look for individuals displaying an active walk with Jesus, but also talented professionals who want to put their unique skills and gifts to work for an amazing mission.

See For Yourself

A Change of Heart
Warren Lotter GSS - Director, Sourcing & Accounts Payable

Warren joined the Compassion team in December of 2013 “kicking and screaming”. Growing up as a ‘Pastor’s Kid’ in South Africa and serving in a few leadership positions at various churches, Warren did not always have positive experiences in Christian organizations. For many years Warren has supported Compassion by sponsoring his own child, but he really had no desire to work here. However, God had a different plan.

After reaching a plateau in his previous role at the Kong Company, Warren needed a change. In seeking many other opportunities, while trying to discover God’s will for his life, he applied to Compassion. Little did he know his unique experiences in teaching, business development and management developed competencies that transferred directly to the applied position. God transformed his heart during the interview and opened his mind to what Compassion does, where they are headed, and how he might play a role in that. Warren recalls an intentional, two-way interview process that ensured the position was a good fit for both him and his new team, setting Compassion apart from the assumptions he had. Warren walked away completely changed, praying to be hired. He fell in love with not only the mission, but Compassion’s people-focused culture that brings multi-faceted teams and concepts together to accomplish goals and drive results for the Kingdom of the Lord. Three weeks later, Warren got the job. He continues to work, focused on building effective teams around him and nurturing their development for tangibly rewarding results.

“In addition to distinct and separate development programs, it is important to prioritize the intentional building up of individuals and teams as an outcome in and through all business initiative. We should naturally see teams seeking out and driving business initiatives because they understand that their development is an intended integral and equally important outcome. Teams are not simply a ‘means to an end’ – they are ‘the end’.”

Equipped To Accomplish His Work
SoYoung Lee GME, Sponsor-Donor Services Supervisor

SoYoung has been on a journey with God, adventuring into deeper waters. Taking up on His invitation, she left “years of captivity” in her former position in Korea to step out into the unknown, across the Pacific Ocean. Without knowing the details of God’s plans, but desiring to be at the center of His will, she moved to Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California, where she knew God was at work. She soon received an opportunity to come to Colorado Springs with Compassion International, and discovered God’s purposefulness in sculpting her to be Christ’s hands at Compassion.

Previously, SoYoung has acted as an advocate and translator for Compassion visitors and Korean supporters in Seoul for eight years. She marveled at the thought of working at Compassion headquarters, but didn’t think the opportunity would come as a Korean native. Now she realizes how God has timely prepared her for this position through spiritual formation as a lay leader in English and Korean church ministries, work experience as a team leader at the U.S. Embassy of Seoul and international travel experience as a global Korean.

SoYoung dedicates her work to “making disciples of all nations” and bridging resources for field churches to impact communities. She finds eternal value through ensuring that children are nurtured and protected to minimize the number of “at risk” children in Compassion’s partner countries and enjoys working alongside like-spirited, inspirational people who have humility, integrity, and a growing knowledge of Jesus.

“My favorite part of working at Compassion is working at the center of God’s will for us in completing His Great Commission in a global context with like-spirited Christians.”

“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ; God is making his appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:20, ESV)

Steadfast Faith
Jeff Norris GME, Fulfillment Supervisor

“Persistence and hard work make an unbeatable combination for success.” This phrase culminates Jeff’s diligence in landing a job with Compassion. He began as a field manager for a non-governmental organization in South Africa, engaging and equipping the local Church to lift the surrounding community out of poverty. While Jeff was excited by the NGO’s mission, a growing family motivated him to begin looking for other opportunities stateside. Compassion was very attractive as he was passionate about investing in children and building up the Church. He began by applying for a number of positions, many in hindsight he was unqualified for.

At this point, Jeff needed to evaluate his situation and future goals. He was clearly passionate about ministry work that invested in children through the local Church, and his experience in South Africa and as a youth pastor for 10+ years helped qualify him professionally, but nothing quite fit.

Through persistence and patience, Jeff broke through. His first position as the Resource Fulfillment Team Lead allowed him to understand Compassion’s culture and develop his leadership skills and relationships with the organization. Five years later, Jeff transferred to a different position within Compassion where he currently supervises the Resource Fulfillment and Digital Imaging teams that support Compassion’s acquisition efforts. Jeff is inspired daily by the mission of Compassion and the people he is surrounded by, grateful for the hard work he put in that ultimately paid off for his career.

“I am convinced that investing in children and the local church is the most effective and efficient means of reshaping our world and turning the tide on poverty. I feel privileged to be able to contribute to that goal within Compassion.”

Life to the Full
Phil Evans GLO, Senior Change Management Specialist

“What is the best way I can serve others?” Phil asked this question as a Federal government account manager for the Office of Personnel Management, where he’d worked for the past 15 years. This role valued Phil’s passion for leadership and team development, but he wasn’t thriving. The organization lacked clear mission, limited his creativity and segmented his personal life and beliefs. This led Phil to courageously to leave his steady job for a new beginning.

His wife recognized a missing link from his career, and not only discovered Compassion, but helped him apply. The interview process impacted Phil in two ways; first, his heart broke for our mission, leading his family to sponsor a child the very night he returned home from the interviews. Second, Phil was deeply moved by both the love Compassion’s people displayed in prayer and fellowship, as well as their passion for a unified pursuit of poverty alleviation. It was a complete joy for Phil to receive an offer.

His first position as a Senior Change Management Analyst served Compassion’s Global Program. Here he discovered how to live as a whole person again, where faith, family, and work were fully integrated to drive for one purpose. After a year, he applied for his current role in the Global Leadership Office to facilitate and manage change on a larger scale. Now he most enjoys consulting for a variety of groups to help land change effectively by preparing, equipping and supporting staff needs. Phil is most grateful for a position that connects all parts of his life, and holistically uses his talents in alignment with Christ’s and Compassion’s mission.

“Before Compassion, church was on Sunday, work was work, and family was family. But at Compassion, I am able to live holistically, where my faith, my work and my family all intersect!”

College Graduate to Child Advocate
Beth Andrews GSS, Treasury Analyst I

Freshly graduated from college, packed with skills and ready to gain experience, Beth had one nonprofit relief organization on her mind and it was definitely not Compassion. Looking back, Beth describes her placement at Compassion as a “total God thing”. Her sights were set to intern elsewhere, but God had a bigger plan for her life, and through his work Beth is now a proud child advocate, making a difference for children around the world.

As Beth waited to hear reply from the first organization she applied to, she briefly looked at alternative routes in case her first option fell through. Stumbling upon Compassion, Beth applied for the spring internship program the day before applications closed. While she was still hopeful to hear back, Compassion kept moving forward. When the position was offered, Beth faced a tough decision between waiting longer and accepting this opportunity, but ultimately felt God’s calling to work with Compassion.

During her time as a Finance intern and in gaining field experience during a mission trip to Nicaragua, Beth developed many new skills and expanded her knowledge of Compassion’s work, shattering all expectations. She passionately began to support Compassion’s long term goals and strategic decision to work through local churches. In culmination of her new mindset, Beth became open to the potential of pursuing a full-time career at Compassion. Near the end of her 10 week internship, a team member approached Beth with a full-time position, and she graciously accepted. She now enjoys the fast-paced atmosphere with opportunities to learn new skills for a meaningful purpose. Beth faithfully relies on the Lord to continually guide her in future decisions, and is grateful for Compassion’s role in her story.

“I feel so privileged to be able to come to work every day and do something that I can be passionate about and truly feel is making a difference.”

When Career and Calling Collide
Mike Lenda GME - National Director, Mobilization & Engagement

“Jobs you may be interested in…” This phrase appeared on Mike Lenda’s LinkedIn newsfeed in 2014, describing the need for a Mobilization & Engagement Director at Compassion. At the time, Mike was the Director of US Engagement at Blood-Water and had previously worked as the US Marketing Manager for Starbucks, however, the notice piqued his interest long enough to further look into the opportunity, on which he has been hooked ever since.

Mike perfectly exemplifies Compassion’s goal to collide career and calling in hiring candidates for the perfect job fit. Now working remotely from Nashville, TN, Mike is an enthusiastic member of Compassion’s team, truly focused on centering Christ amidst daily work responsibilities. Though Compassion is an established organization of over 50 years, Mike’s role incorporates space for originality and creativity. He thrives on developing new ideas that advance Compassion’s mission without losing sight of our deep commitment to children and the Church. The opportunity to witness God’s unfolding story of restoration ignites passion in Mikes’ heart, and he faithfully shares it with others. As the engagement director, Mike collects stories of the sponsorship experience to empower supporters, inspire steps of faith and invite others to join Compassion. He calls himself a “champion of the small”, encouraging others that every small act has a ripple effect transforming those in our community, and halfway around the world.

“There is power in the story that connects us to Compassion as employees and as supporters. Nothing gives me greater joy and fuels my work more than to see someone use the tools and resources we provide to share the Compassion story with their friends and make it their own. It’s through their story that lives are transformed – both the children we serve, and their own.”

Working for the Kingdom
Alberto Huerta GME - Senior Director of Global Product, Brand & Content

The Lord develops unique and purposeful gifts within each of His children, and Alberto is no exception. His extensive history includes many marketing and general management leadership roles at VISA, Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble across Latin America, Europe, Canada and the US. Following this Alberto was led by God to use his skills and follow his calling at an organization focused on the Great Commission, that is, Compassion.

For several years, Alberto maintained a dialog with Compassion employees, learning about the ministry and exploring apt timing and opportunity. With prayer and diligence he discovered a good job-fit that was challenging, exciting, and engaging of his past experiences and current competencies. The interview process moved quickly, deeply focusing on Alberto’s character and chemistry with his potential team. Now as a full-time employee, Alberto is passionate about the development and advancement of global strategies and capabilities that enable greater collaboration across functions and geographies. He is rewarded in setting a Christ-like example for his son, and finds it an honor to team with talented brothers and sisters in Christ who find joy in working hard in the ongoing development of world-class skills and applying them to ministry work.

“We’re building on the shoulders of giants who made themselves available to God. Courageous people of God who are committed to bringing Jesus to children who live in hopelessness despite the opposition we encounter in this world. God has begun a great work and I find it a privilege to work alongside talented people that God has gathered to do His work.”

Joining Jesus
Emily Sarmiento GP, Senior Strategy & Development Advisor

When Jesus walked the Earth, He demonstrated commitment to sharing God’s love, especially with children. Emily has purposed in her life to follow that example and finds fulfillment in partnering with an organization that promotes the ideals Jesus taught. She found her place with Compassion in 2009 and hopes to continue working here for many years.

Emily’s professional background includes work with other international non-profits including Heifer International, Enactus, and Convoy of Hope. She has served in program operations, fundraising, program development and leadership roles across different international development models. Emily’s academic background includes undergraduate degrees in international management and Spanish, a graduate certificate in education, and a master’s in organizational leadership for international development. Combining those experiences with sensitivity to God’s movement in her life, Emily was led to her original Compassion opportunity through a Christian relief and development network.

In her first Compassion role, Emily began as director of a team of program advisors working across various areas of expertise in support of holistic child development. After nine months in the job, she was promoted to lead the global child sponsorship program. In that position she led a team of 30 staff in program design, field implementation support, and sponsorship communications. She also engaged in public speaking and organizational representation. After more than six years leading sponsorship, Emily accepted a role leading global program strategy to continue increasing Compassion’s effectiveness in holistic child and youth development. Her previous years of program leadership equipped her with broad organizational relationships and a deep understanding of opportunities to strengthen Compassion’s model in order to positively impact children in partnership with local churches.

“I firmly believe that God has plans and a unique purpose for each of us. When I look across my life’s story and the experiences He has allowed me, I can see how in each season He prepared me for ‘such a time as this.’ I want to be a part of helping millions of young lives around the world experience the joy of discovering their God-given potential and use it to demonstrate His love to others.”