The Moment a Family Begins

  |   Posted: April 30, 2019

Compassion’s Survival Program is all about moms and babies — including helping moms literally bring their little ones into the world. In this powerful photo essay, meet the Compassion birth attendants who get to be present the moment a husband and wife become a father and mother.

Joy from the Philippines

“It’s difficult to put into words the happiness that we feel whenever we help a mother deliver her baby. It is like we are partners with God in giving new life to someone.”

— Joy, Philippines

Tahmina from Bangladesh

“I’ve experienced delivery dramas, arguments with in-laws and obstacles in trying to educate families on healthy deliveries in our village. I feel re-energized when organizations such as Compassion come with effective support and work hand-in-hand with birth experts to promote safe childbirth.”

— Tahmina, Bangladesh

Ekkachai from Thailand

“Since we have the Survival Program at our center, there have been many improvements in our communities, and more people acknowledge the importance of good pregnancy health before and after childbirth. In the past, before the Survival Program, when I went to give a vaccine, the moms and the children even ran away because they were afraid and didn’t know how important it was for both mums and babies.”

— Ekkachai, Thailand

Revika from Indonesia

"I believe that day by day people in my community will understand and have a new mindset, and it could begin with mothers in the Survival Program. My goal is that the mothers and babies are healthy, and most of what they will believe will lead to Christ and they will leave old myths and old beliefs behind."

— Revika, Indonesia

Charlene from the Philippines

“We are willing and ready to help. We may not be doctors but we give our best in addressing the health needs of our community. In this line of work that we’ve chosen, there are no holidays, no official working hours. We get up and suit up whenever someone needs our help, even in the middle of the night.”

— Charlene, Philippines