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Many young girls in Togo have no information about menstruation before their first period, which can make it a scary experience. Without access to sanitary menstrual pads, they use old cloths or dirty rags instead. This can lead to embarrassment and even infections.

Working with Day for Girls International, your gift will train and equip 80 girls and women at 8 churches in the production of low cost, hygienic washable sanitary pads. They will be equipped to start sustainable small businesses selling affordable and reusable hygienic sanitary pads.

Your gift will also help fund community education for 1,500 women and girls at 8 churches in Togo about menstrual health and social misconceptions.

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Long-Term Access to Menstrual Pads

By training locals to make and sell affordable washable pads

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By equipping women and youth in poverty to start small businesses

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Community Education

Fighting the stigma and misinformation about menstruation

A woman making a reusable menstrual pad

A woman makes a reusable menstrual pad

Reusable cloth menstrual pads

Reusable cloth menstrual pad kits


87 Percent
use old cloths and rags as menstruation pads

1 in 10
misses at least 4 days of school during her period

97 Percent
has no access to an improved sanitation facility

Sources: need sources

Two girls hug a womanMenstrual Education and Access to Pads Helps Girls Like Carol

In Carol’s community in Uganda, families couldn’t afford sanitary menstrual pads. Women would use newspapers, rugs, old blankets or rags. It was unsanitary and they didn’t work well. Some men in the community even used the promise of buying girls pads to start sexual relationships with them.

Carol’s mother, Florence, gave her old cotton cloth to use as a pad. But one day at school, the cloth fell out. Carol was humiliated and nearly quit school. With her mom’s persuasion, she eventually went back.

Seeing the need in their community, the local church started an initiative to train families to make reusable sanitary pads. Now Florence makes and sells these pads to her community. And Carol is confident going to school — even when she’s on her period.

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