Why Are Family Gifts So Important?

1 out of 4 Compassion-assisted children are raised by single parents

The majority of sponsored children's families have inadequate housing

The more than 2 million children registered in Compassion programs live in extreme poverty — on less than $1.90 per day

Your sponsored child’s family faces daily obstacles that threaten to keep them in poverty. A lost job, an injury, a natural disaster — events like these can be difficult or even impossible to recover from.

But by giving a family gift, you help create a safety net for your sponsored child. Even what seems like a small gift can be transformational. Each gift you give provides one more opportunity for an entire family to be released from poverty in Jesus’ name!

Watch the video below to see how your own family gift can bring hope to a family who needs your love and support.

Ready to send a Family Gift to your sponsored child’s family?

Give a Family Gift - Compassion International