Does a Family Gift Really Make a Difference?

could provide food and household supplies.

could provide livestock for a sustainable income.

could provide roof repairs to help keep a family safe and warm.

could provide a mom with sewing lessons and supplies.

A Gift for Jabes

Jabes was just 3 years old when his mother died of cancer. His father, Jorge, took on the role of single parent and sole provider — a difficult task made nearly impossible by the poverty under which the family lived.

That’s why a family gift from Jabes’ sponsor felt like such a tremendous gift. It not only provided the resources for Jorge to buy beds for his sons, but it also reminded him, and his sons, that they were not alone.

family-portrait-jabes-and-his-brother-and-father“I felt very happy, because we did not have a bed to sleep on,” says Jabes. “We always used to sleep in one bed all together. [The first morning] I did not even want to get off my bed!”

Jorge knows that this bed is more than a comfortable place for his sons to sleep. It represents the love of Jabes’ sponsor — and the love of a God who has not forgotten this family.

“There are not enough words to give [his sponsor] thanks,” says Jorge. I give thanks to them, because they give this big gift for Jabes, and I know that there's nothing impossible for God. And I'm waiting on even bigger things.”

You can bring hope to your sponsored child's family by sending a special gift today.

Staff at the local Compassion center who know your child and his or her family will meet with your child's family to identify the best way to use your gift in a way that will provide long-term transformation.

Your child, your child's caregivers, siblings and and even aunts and uncles will see the love God demonstrated because you generously gave a family gift.

Ready to send a Family Gift to your sponsored child's family?
Ready to send a Family Gift to your sponsored child's family?