Give Hope. Rescue Infants with Punts for Purpose.

Help mothers and babies in extreme poverty survive.

Photos courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons & the Washington Commanders

Join Bradley Pinion, Tress Way and other punters in partnership with Compassion International in The Fight for First.

You can join the team in supporting 500 Child Survival Centers in the developing world to:

  • Help save the lives of 25,000 babies and their mothers.
  • Help babies born in poverty reach their first birthday.

Through Compassion Survival, your gift provides each mom and baby:

Critical Prenatal Care

Healthy Child Development

Access to Food, Clean Water and Medicine

Birth Attendant to Assist in Delivery

Spiritual and Emotional Support Through Community

Child survival is on the line.


Babies in Poverty

don't survive the first 28 days of life.


Women Die a Day

due to pregnancy and childbirth issues.


Of Maternal Deaths

occur in low-income countries

Join Bradley Pinion, Tress Way, Corey Bojorquez and athletes across professional sports in The Fight for First today.

We believe that all moms and babies no matter where they are in the world deserve a chance, and that’s what Compassion is giving them.

— Kaeleigh and Bradley Pinion