Understanding Justice Through a Biblical Lens

"Justice" is a felt need in our world today and a controversial topic. But what is justice, exactly, and who gets to define it? In this video, created by The Bible Project, we'll explore the biblical theme of Justice and discover how it's deeply rooted in the story-line of the Bible that leads to Jesus.

God has called us to be an advocate to the poor and needy. We can be an advocate for those who are destitute and we can defend the rights of the poor and needy. In fact, that is the heartbeat of what we do at Compassion! With the help of child sponsors around the world, we defend the rights of children in poverty. That passion compels us to action.

God is honored when we do right, seek justice, defend the oppressed, take up the cause of the orphan, and advocate for the widow. A compassionate, self-denial is necessary to serve God fully, expecting nothing in return. The people who need you most can never repay. Will you open your heart to serve the poor?

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