Teach Your Child to Be Grateful

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In today’s world, it’s easy for children to have a me-centered mentality. Growing up in a society of materialism, marketing, and an overabundance of "stuff", their attention is constantly directed to the newest, the shiniest, and the most popular.

How can we teach our children the all-but-lost art of being grateful?

Let Compassion International help you with this free e-book for children, Goggles of Gratefulness. Based on a true story of a family who visited their Compassion sponsored child in Uganda, Goggles of Gratefulness is a children’s picture book that takes a closer look at what it means to be thankful for what we have and generous with what we share.

Follow the story of Amelia the bird, who learns an important lesson when she leaves her world of affluence to visit relatives who don’t have the same things she has. Like Amelia, your child can learn that people are more important than possessions, and that God can turn our desire to have more into a yearning to give more, do more, and be more for others.

You can get this beautifully illustrated e-book to share with your child, completely free. It’s our gift to you as a friend of Compassion International.

As an added bonus we’ll also send you the Family Generosity Challenge devotional! We know you want to train your kids to grow up to be compassionate, dedicated followers of Christ. But it can be helpful to have guidance on how to instill Christian values in your children, even from an early age.

Through experience with our own children and thousands of children across the world, we've learned a few things.

We hope you can apply them in your own parenting journey to teach your kids about generosity, humility and thankfulness in a fun and effective way.

Each day of the Family Generosity Challenge, you’ll read a Bible passage that talks about the topic, a short devotional message, prayer and application points.

Act now to take advantage of both of these exciting free offers!

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