Encourage Generosity in Your Children with Free Children’s Daily Devotions

We know you want to train your kids to grow up to be compassionate, dedicated followers of Christ. But it can be helpful to have guidance on how to instill Christian values in your children, even from an early age.

Through experience with our own children and thousands of children across the world, we’ve learned a few things that we hope you can apply in your own parenting journey to teach your kids about generosity, humility and thankfulness in a fun and effective way.

Each day of the Family Generosity Challenge, you’ll read a Bible passage that talks about the topic, a short devotional message, prayer and application points.

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Family devotions help build a strong foundation for children and foster healthy family relationships. When families intentionally set aside a regular time to meet together, relationships grow.

Family devotions often include the following components:

  • Reading God’s Word together – This creates a spiritual foundation and a love for God’s Word.
  • Sharing a devotional – Many parents utilize a written devotional to help explain the passage they read together as a family. These devotionals should be targeted to the age of the children who are listening.
  • Discussion as a family – Spiritual growth occurs when the biblical concepts are understood and applied. Kids have great questions, so let them ask. If you don’t know the answer, commit to studying together to find the answer.
  • Praying together – Each family member can share their needs and prayer requests. This fosters relationship and also helps kids understand prayer.

Family devotions can be fun. Mix it up by acting out the passage, building the scene from Legos, or drawing a picture. Some families enjoy singing worship songs or watching videos online. We encourage you to keep it fresh and interesting for each person.

Compassion International offers a free family devotional resource that comes straight to your inbox. Together you can study what the Bible says about various topics that relate to you and your children. Sign up today.

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Compassion International offers free devotions for kids. Every devotion contains a Scripture passage to read, devotion to consider, discussion starters, and a suggested prayer.

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