Children's Daily Devotions

Children's daily devotions are more than a bedtime story or a fairy tale. Why? Find out the importance of daily devotions for kids

Children's Daily Devotions

Learn How to Instill Generosity in Your Children

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We know you want to train your kids to grow up to be compassionate, dedicated followers of Christ. But it can be helpful to have guidance on how to instill Christian values in your children, even from an early age.

Through experience with our own children and thousands of children across the world, we’ve learned a few things that we hope you can apply in your own parenting journey to teach your kids about generosity, humility and thankfulness in a fun and effective way.

Each day of the Family Generosity Challenge, you’ll read a Bible passage that talks about the topic, a short devotional message, prayer and application points.

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Compassion International offers free devotions for kids. Every devotion contains a Scripture passage to read, devotion to consider, discussion starters, and a suggested prayer.

The Bible is God’s message to us. It is more than a fairy tale of stories; it is God’s instruction manual for living. In the Bible we learn who God is and how He sent Jesus to earth to provide salvation for us.

Children’s daily devotions help kids learn about God and how He wants them to live. In fact, God gave us the Bible because He wanted to talk to us. He gave it to us in a book so we can read it over and over again and keep learning. The Bible is like a map that tells us which way to go in our life.

When kids study God’s Word, it is helpful to have a resource for children’s daily devotions. These devotions give kids a verse to read in God’s Word and then some information on how it applies to their lives.

Spending time with God each day is important so we can learn more about God and how to honor Him. You can sign up to receive a free children’s e-mail devotional. Each devotion will answer a question and tell you what God’s Word says the answer is! This is a great resource for children’s devotions.

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