Encourage Generosity in Your Children with Free Children’s Daily Devotions

Parenting is hard work.

Every Christian parent's dream is to raise their children to become compassionate, dedicated followers of Christ. But encouraging the development of those skills is easier said than done!

Instilling consistent Christian values in your children from a young age is so important, as is consistent spiritual growth throughout life. And for years, we’ve had the pleasure of teaching millions of children around the world about discipleship and what it looks like to follow Christ daily.

Through trial and error, we've learned how to share this important message, and hope you consider applying this learning in your own parenting journey and time of family devotions.

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Take Time to Teach Your Kids About Generosity, Humility and Thankfulness

Compassion has curated a five-day Family Generosity Challenge to help you teach your kids about God, the Bible, and values like generosity, humility and thankfulness in a fun and effective way. Whether you spend time in this devotional as part of a homeschool or family Sunday school curriculum, at bedtime, or during a devotion time, our free children's devotional will help you focus on learning Bible verses and sharing Bible stories with your child.

This devotional plan lays out each day with the following:

  • Bible passage in God's Word
  • Short, contextual message about the Bible verse
  • Application Points
  • Prayer

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Let us help you raise your child to become a compassionate, dedicated follower of Christ!

The topics of this daily devotional for your kids include:
Devotion 1: Being Thankful
Devotion 2: Practicing Humility
Devotion 3: Understanding Your True Treasures
Devotion 4: Jesus' Call to Serve
Devotion 5: Being Generous

Our three to five-minute devotions help kids in Christian families learn about God and encourages a deeper understanding of how God has called His children to love Him and others.

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