|   Posted: February 28, 2023   |   Updated: March 08, 2023

March 8, 2023

As of March 6, the unrest in Jayawijaya Regency has stopped. In total, eight participants and four Child Development Centers (CDCs) were affected. Students have returned to school and CDCs have resumed regular program activities. Thankfully, all participants are safe and at home.

Thank you for your prayers for all who were impacted by this crisis.

March 3, 2023

As of March 3, the unrest in Jayawijaya Regency has subsided significantly. To date, eight participants have been impacted by the riot. During the riot, the affected participants and their families were moved to temporary shelters or to live with nearby relatives. All participants have now returned to their homes and have resumed daily activities. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) have chosen to pause any in-person activities for one week as a safety precaution, but will still be monitoring the health and safety of all impacted families. 

Please continue to pray for the participants, their families and local CDC staff members. 

February 27, 2023

On February 23, a riot broke out in Jayawijaya Regency, Indonesia. The incident impacted the local economy by closing down many shops and kiosks and causing road closures. Some shops were burned and some families temporarily relocated to different areas. Schools were closed for three days in order to help keep residents safe. The Compassion East Indonesia National Office is currently evaluating the impact to the Child Development Centers (CDCs) and participants and is monitoring the situation as it unfolds. Please rest assured that we will notify you as soon as possible if your child is affected in any way.

Please pray for peace in the area and for the safety of all participants and CDC staff members.