|   Posted: March 14, 2023   |   Updated: April 12, 2023

Disaster Final Report: April 12, 2023

The mining strike in Taraza, Colombia was ended peacefully. Action plans were put into place to improve the working conditions of the miners. Roads and shops have reopened, and daily activities have resumed. In total, 544 participants and five Child Development Centers (CDCs) were impacted by the strike. Thankfully, all participants are healthy. The CDCs were able to assist affected families with food kits, check-ins by phone and spiritual support.

Thank you for praying for all families who were affected by the strike.

Disaster Alert: March 14, 2023

Throughout the month of March, there have been several protests in Taraza, Colombia due to a mining strike. Because of the unrest, there have been road closures leading to food shortages. Shops have closed down and residents remain inside their homes as a safety precaution. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) in the affected areas have instructed staff members to work from home and have kept regular phone contact with participants and their families.

Please pray for the wellbeing of the participants, their family, and all CDC staff members.