|   Posted: January 10, 2023   |   Updated: January 10, 2023

February 24, 2023

As of February 24, the rains have subsided in the Northwest Region of Colombia. In total, one Child Development Center (CDC) and 46 participants were impacted by the heavy rains. The Compassion Colombia National Office was able to use Disaster Relief Funds to provide the affected families with items such as food, hygiene kits, kitchenware, mats, roofing tiles and cement to aid in repairs. Thankfully, all participants are healthy and safe.

Thank you for your prayers for all who were impacted by the heavy rains.

January 9, 2023

Heavy rains have caused flooding across the Northwest region of Colombia. Floodwater has destroyed many homes, including furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. To date, 46 participants and their families have been impacted by this disaster. The Child Development Center (CDC) identified affected families. The children and their families were given food packs and mattresses. The CDC has followed up with families to assess the extent of the damage and their individual needs.

Please pray for the affected participants and their families as they recover from the flooding.