|   Posted: June 14, 2023   |   Updated: August 04, 2023

June 14, 2023

On May 26, heavy rain and thunderstorms impacted the regions of Magdalena and Atlántico, Colombia. The storms caused a lot of flooding, and many families lost household items. To date, 46 participants have been impacted by the storm. Thankfully, they are all healthy. The Child Development Center (CDC) utilized Disaster Relief Funds to provide families with mattresses, food kits and repair materials to fix the roofs of their houses.

Please pray for all residents who have been affected by the storms and floods in Colombia.

Disaster Update #1: July 5, 2023

As of July 5, 2023, continued rainfall in the Magdalena Region has caused additional flooding in nearby communities. To date, one Child Development Center (CDC) and 108 participants have been impacted by the flooding. Families have lost their spare clothing, school supplies and small household items. The flooding has caused structural harm to many roofs. There is an additional flood risk for families who live near bodies of water, such as streams and rivers. The CDCs are actively monitoring the situation and are providing families with financial assistance, supplemental food, hygiene kits and repair materials to help improve the living conditions of the affected households.

Please continue to pray for all families who have been impacted by the flooding.

Disaster Final Report: August 2, 2023

As of August 2, the heavy rain and subsequent flooding has subsided in Magdalena. In total, 112 participants and one Child Development Center (CDC) were impacted. Thankfully, the preparations made prior to the most recent storms helped prevent long term damage to homes. The CDC helped families recover from the storm and supplied families with food, hygiene kits and mattresses. Families have now returned to their daily routines.

Thank you for praying for all families who were impacted by this crisis.