|   Posted: December 07, 2023   |   Updated: December 22, 2023

December 4, 2023

In November 2023, constant heavy rains caused overflow of the Ranchería River in the Atlantic Coast of Colombia. To date, 83 participants and one Child Development Center (CDC) have been impacted. The flooding caused deterioration of the CDC’s facilities and affected participants by the loss of clothing, damage to household goods, and, in some cases, relocation to temporary shelters due to severe damage. The local pastor visited the impacted participants and their families to assess the impact and ensure the protection of the children in this emergency. Both local and national entities provided support with food and toiletries. The Compassions Colombia National Office sent Disaster Relief Funds to the church to provide food, mattresses, and materials for the reconstruction.

Please pray for the participants, their families, and the church staff and CDC as they recover from this disaster.

Disaster Update #1: December 20, 2023

As of December 20, 2023, heavy rain continues in the Atlantic Coast in Colombia. To date, 103 participants and one Child Development Center (CDC) have been impacted. The CDC is actively offering spiritual, emotional and physical support to the participants and their families in collaboration with other emergency response organizations. The CDC has also provided food aid, medicine and healthcare to those impacted. The National Office of Colombia continues to monitor the situation and is actively assisting the affected participants and the CDC.

Please continue to pray for ever spiritual, emotional and physical need to be covered and provided to those affected and to the CDCs.