|   Posted: March 31, 2023   |   Updated: May 12, 2023

Disaster Final Report - May 10, 2023

As of May 10, the flooding in the Pati Regency of Indonesia has receded. In total, 80 Participants were impacted by the flood. Thankfully, all Participants are healthy. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) were able to provide food kits, medicine and other relief items to the impacted families. All residents have returned to their daily activities.

Thank you for praying for all participants who were impacted by the flood.

March 30, 2023

On March 1, there were heavy rains in the Pati Regency of Indonesia. To date, the floods have impacted 10 participants. Thankfully, all participants are currently healthy and safe. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) are still monitoring the situation and evaluating how to best assist families in recovering from the damage caused by the flood.

Please pray for all participants and CDC staff members who were affected by the flood.