|   Posted: November 01, 2023   |   Updated: November 01, 2023

October 30, 2023

On October 10, 2023, torrential rain caused multiple rivers to overflow in the central area of Ghana. To date, 142 participants have been impacted. Thankfully, everyone is healthy. The flooding caused significant damage to homes and other buildings. Affected families have temporarily moved to shelters or are staying with nearby relatives. The flooding itself has stopped, but the floodwaters are slow to recede. The stagnant water is in danger of breeding mosquitos. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) have utilized Disaster Relief Funds to provide families with items such as corn, cassava dough, tubers of yams, soap, tin tomatoes, cash distributions and mosquito nets. CDC staff members have visited all affected families. The Compassion Ghana National office is actively monitoring the situation to ensure the continued safety of the participants and their families.

Please pray for the floodwaters to recede quickly and for families to recover from the damages caused by the heavy rain.