|   Posted: July 17, 2023   |   Updated: September 13, 2023

Disaster Alert: July 14, 2023

On June 19, heavy rainfall caused flooding in the town of Ayiem, Ghana. After three nights of torrential rain, many homes were submerged in water. To date, 15 participants have been impacted by the floods. Thankfully, all of the participants and their family members are safe. Some families are temporarily living with other relatives, while others have moved permanently. The Child Development Center (CDC) is utilizing Disaster Relief Funds to provide families with items such as food kits, toiletries, clothes, bedding, mattresses, rain boots and pest control supplies.

Please pray for the families who have had to relocate due to the flooding.

Disaster Final Report: September 11, 2023

As of September 11, 2023, the flooding has subsided. In total, 15 participants were impacted. Thankfully, everyone is healthy. The Child Development Center (CDC) has utilized Disaster Relief Funds to provide affected families with food items, toiletries, clothes, bedding, mattresses and rain boots. The CDC has also helped in finding accommodation and helping pay rental fees for families whose homes were not habitable. Families have now returned to their daily activities.

Thank you for praying for the residents who were impacted by the flooding in Ayiem.