|   Posted: March 01, 2023   |   Updated: March 01, 2023

March 1, 2023

On January 28, a fire broke out in the city of Iloilo, Philippines. The fire engulfed hundreds of houses. Thankfully, families were evacuated and there were no injuries or casualties reported. In total, 36 participants and two Child Development Centers (CDCs) were impacted by the fire. The local government deployed doctors and nurses to help ensure the safety of residents who evacuated to fire shelters, as well as provided relief packs and cash transfers to help with repair costs. They also plan to assist in rebuilding new homes for residents. The CDCs were able to provide affected participants and their families with cooked food, hygiene materials, clothes and cash transfers to help with expenses and repair costs.

Thank you for your prayers for all who were affected by the fire.