|   Posted: April 06, 2023   |   Updated: April 06, 2023

April 4, 2023

Since December 2021, Ethiopia has experienced increasingly devastating droughts, especially in the southern and southeastern regions of the country. Lack of rains and economic issues have increased the impact of the droughts. To date, the droughts have impacted 20,237 participants and 121 Child Development Centers (CDCs). CDCs are utilizing Disaster Relief Funds to provide as many of the affected families as possible with emergency food packs and income generation assistance. The Compassion Ethiopia National Office is closely monitoring the situation and is actively researching ways to sustainably assist impacted families long term. Please rest assured that we will notify you as soon as possible if your child is affected in any way.

Please pray for all participants, families and CDC staff members who have been impacted by the droughts.