|   Posted: September 20, 2022   |   Updated: December 07, 2021

Disaster Alert: September 2022

Protests in Haiti’s major cities have led to violence, looting, and blocked streets after the end of fuel subsidies have caused major price increases. The blocked streets have several consequences including the closure of banks and businesses and the inability to deliver water and other basic necessities. As the situation worsens, families are forced to shelter in their home to avoid the increasing violence. This grim situation follows a year of painful events for the people of Haiti including a devastating earthquake and intense inflation.

Over half of Compassion’s Frontline Church Partners in Haiti are in areas reporting unrest. To keep children and staff safe, program is paused, and staff are reaching out to children and families over the phone to assist in any way they can. We hope to get children and youth back into child development centers as soon as it is safe.