|   Posted: December 13, 2022   |   Updated: December 13, 2022

December 13, 2022

In late September, the northern region of Honduras was affected by heavy rains that caused flooding. Cortés, Yoro, and Atlántida were the regions most affected by the rains that caused the Ulúa river to flood and forced many families to leave their homes. In total, 117 participants and their families from different Child Development Centers (CDCs) in Honduras were evacuated as a preventative measure.

The local CDCs supported the families in moving their belongings so that they would not be damaged. The Compassion Honduras National Office also provided for the impacted families with food kits and water during this time. In October, the impacted participants received food, personal hygiene, and cleaning kits, and the deliveries of similar supplies were made again in November and the last delivery was made in December.

Thankfully, no participants or their family members were injured or fell ill as a result of the heavy rains and flooding. The situation has returned to normal as far as possible with the waters receding and most of the participants and their families have returned home.

Thank you for your prayers for the participants, families, and Compassion staff throughout Honduras. Please continue to pray for recovery as this area of Honduras has become more vulnerable to flooding.