|   Posted: July 27, 2022   |   Updated: August 02, 2022

Disaster Alert: Flooding in Mbale Cluster - July 27, 2022

Flash floods caused by the downpour that occurred around Mbale City and the neighboring villages burst out of the Nabuyonga River and affected the surrounding communities. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) in the area are still assessing the situation and do not yet have a report of specific participants affected.

Please pray for the participants and staff in this area.

Disaster Update #1: Flooding in Mbale Cluster - August 2, 2022

We have discovered that, to date, there are 48 participants who have been affected by the floods in the Mbale Cluster. The Child Development Centers (CDCs) have provided temporary shelters for the displaced families and are working to construct a more permanent shelter for these families. Supplies have also been distributed to many families through the disaster relief fund. We will follow up with and provide assistance to families who have lost livelihood items and gardens, so that they may recover their businesses. This catastrophe has destroyed hundreds of farm fields, homes, schools, trading centers, and health facilities in the area.

Please continue to pray for our participants and those in the community.