COVID-19 and Compassion’s Work in Colombia

An in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic in Colombia

Last Updated: 04/12/2021

Colombia is experiencing a third wave of COVID-19 and has tightened restrictions until at least April 19. The department of Antioquia and city of Barranquilla are at the epicenter of the current outbreak; the mayor of Bogota said that city would go on lockdown April 10. The average number of deaths reported in the country each day rose by more than 81 to 199 on April 5. As of that date, Colombia had administered enough doses to fully vaccinate about 2.4% of its 9.1 million people. Poverty and hunger have increased as a result of the pandemic. In a survey of 34,000 families conducted by humanitarian organizations, 98% said they could not afford all of their basic needs, including food and housing.

All Compassion center activities are on hold. Staff members have created online curriculum lessons and devotionals. Partner churches continue to monitor home situations for child protection and monitor families that are quarantined or have tested positive for COVID-19. Since April 2020, they have distributed more than 709,000 food packs and 316,000 hygiene kits to families and have facilitated medical support for nearly 13,000 individuals.

COVID response in Colombia

A Message From National Staff

How Is Compassion Currently Operating in Colombia?

Below, you will find the latest information on how Compassion is currently operating in Colombia, including status updates on center openings, letter delivery and gift delivery. This is the most current information we have, though it can change quickly. Please know that all children and their families are being checked in on regularly by staff, either in person or by phone, even if the Compassion center is not open for programming.

Are Compassion Centers Open?

Currently, all centers in Colombia are closed. Staff members are interacting with children and youths through online activities, including videos and livestreams. They continue to call and check in on families and make home visits. Because of the generous support of sponsors and donors, they have been able to distribute more than 654,000 food packs and 296,000 hygiene kits to children and their families!

COVID response in Colombia

child reading IconStory From the Field

Each morning, as the sun is rising, 18-year-old Dary gets up to work on her small chicken farm in Colombia. She visits the shed in her family's yard where she is raising 30 chickens, cleaning the troughs, giving them fresh food and water, and checking over them to ensure everything is fine. In the afternoon, she lets the chickens loose in the yard. After a second round of food and water, they are ready to be shut in for the night.

“I enjoy seeing the chicks grow,” she says. “I appreciate God's creation through them. I am grateful for the center's help to raise my chicks. I can feel the center staff's love as they are helping me to have a better future.”

To help support families during the pandemic, Compassion provided chickens and training to 300 Compassion-assisted young people in San Clemente. Each received 15 chicks and a bag of chicken food in May and October of 2020. The farms have been a blessing for children and families.

“The farms at home gave children something to invest time in during quarantine. There are children whose parents must take them out from the sheds after spending hours playing with chicks. The parents are pleased about the farms, and some of them ask us when we will give them more chickens,” says Feder, a center director. “In pandemic times, food was scarce, but the families had chickens to eat. We have offered the children and youth an alternative for generating resources in their rural area, which brings them more opportunities for their future, like studying.”

How can I pray for Colombia?

Please ask God to protect children and their families from the pandemic and to meet all their needs. For more prayer resources, visit Compassion’s COVID-19 prayer page for prayer guides and a virtual prayer wall.

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