Our hearts break with the knowledge that some persons in the global Compassion family have succumbed to COVID-19. This pandemic has brought death to the doors of our frontline and supporting church partners, ministry partners, volunteers, and even our children and their loved ones. Please continue to pray for those who are impacted directly by this pandemic. Medical professionals predict the worst may be yet to come for the developing world, which is far more underprepared for testing and caring for COVID-19 patients than we have been in more developed nations. This means tracking the full impact on our ministry, the children and their families will be increasingly difficult in the weeks and months to come. We are doing our best to keep you informed of the effect this crisis is having on our ministry but always while respecting the privacy of those who serve alongside us. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

All of the countries where we work are striving to slow the spread of the coronavirus through restrictions on public gatherings or quarantines. Below, you can find the most up-to-date reports from those countries, and how the new guidelines are affecting Compassion programming. Please continue to check back to this page for further updates.



Central America & the Caribbean

South America


A pandemic like COVID-19 plus the challenges of poverty equals disaster. Our partner church workers around the world are courageously delivering essential items to desperate children and families. You can help provide food, water and medical support by giving toward Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you so much for your willing heart!