|   Posted: September 22, 2021   |   Updated: September 22, 2021

Update #1: September 21, 2021

The Child Development Centers (CDCs) report that all families have returned to their homes. The affected families received food packs, clothing and cleaning materials from the CDCs and the local government. The CDCs will continue to distribute food packs as needed and will utilize Compassion Disaster Relief funds to assist with home repairs. A total of 242 beneficiaries and their families were affected.

Thank you for your prayers for the affected beneficiaries and their families as well as the Child Development Center and church partner staff.

Disaster Alert: September 21, 2021

On September 8, Typhoon Conson (Jolina) affected Eastern, Central and Western Visayas along with Mimaropa and Bicol regions in the Philippines. The Child Development Centers in the affected areas are assessing impact to beneficiaries and their families; however, specific information is not yet available. Communication channels are still being restored.

Please pray for beneficiaries and their families as well as church partners as they recover from this storm.