|   Posted: June 21, 2021   |   Updated: July 08, 2021

Disaster Final Report: Heavy rains on Colombian Coasts - July 8, 2021

The rains and strong winds continue to affect several cities located on the coasts of our country. A total of 90 beneficiaries and one tutor have been reported affected as the roofs of their houses were damaged and their homes flooded. In addition, one Child Development Center (CDC) was damaged. The emergency committee in each CDC has been activated, and the beneficiaries and their families are being contacted to determine the main needs for each case. The biggest need is for food, materials to repair homes, and basic articles for the home. The CDCs have supported them in covering their basic needs and have been working to secure local resources for additional aid. The Compassion Colombia National Office will provide emergency relief funds in the coming days.

Thank you for your prayers for the beneficiaries and their families as they recover.

Disaster Alert: June 17, 2021

Since early June, coastal cities in Colombia have been affected by heavy rain and wind that caused landslides and flooding. Affected cities include Uraba, Cordoba, and Sucre. The Child Development Centers are assessing impact to beneficiaries and their families to determine how best to provide support. Homes have been damaged and there has been a loss of personal belongings. So far, 14 beneficiaries have been reported as affected. The Compassion Colombia National Office is providing support in recovery efforts.

Please pray for beneficiaries and their families as well as church partner staff as they recover and repair damaged homes.