Compassion Sunday


Thanks for Your Interest in Compassion’s Virtual Reality Experience

This event can be life-changing for you, your church, and children in need. We've created excellent resources to help you plan and promote your event, which are provided below.

The same resources will be emailed to you prior to your event.

Event Planning & First Steps

Executive Summary
Executive Summary

This document provides an overview of the Compassion Virtual Reality Experience. It outlines important information like how the event works, what supplies are needed, and how to start looking for event volunteers.

Event Overview Video

This 15 minute video provides a comprehensive overview of the Compassion Virtual Reality Experience. It's meant to prepare an event leader with insight on the event's purpose, stations, flow, and key needs.

VR Event Checklist
VR Event Checklist

This checklist breaks down to-do items into Before the Event, Day of the Event, and After the Event - so running a successful event is as easy as checking boxes!

Next Steps & Training

Volunteer Training Packet
Volunteer Training Packet

This packet contains all volunteers will need to feel confident in their roles and assist guests through the event. It also contains a short FAQ section for troubleshooting the virtual reality headsets.

Oculus Training Video

Volunteers don't have to be tech geniuses to help at this virtual reality event! This short video covers all they'll need to successfully serve at Station 2 of this event.

Get the Word Out

Promotional Resources for Your Event!

Promo video
Promotional Video

This short, two-minute video provides an energetic and compelling overview of the Compassion Virtual Reality Experience. Use it to build excitement in congregational announcements, recruit volunteers, or share to social media.

email template
Email Template

This email template is a great way to announce the virtual event to your congregation. Use the copy as-is, or customize to a specific audience and add your voice!

shareable graphic
Facebook Graphic

This graphic can be posted to social media with just your creative words or coupled with content from other Promotional Resources, such as the Photos for Your Own Materials (below) or wording from the Email Template.

customizable PowerPoint
Customizable PowerPoint Slide

Edit and use this customizable slide in your church or group announcements. Pair with your own wording, content gathered from the Email Template body, or before/after presenting the Promotional Video.

customizable poster
Customizable Poster

This customizable poster can be locally printed in various sizes for advertising the Compassion Virtual Reality Experience in your lobby, classrooms, bathrooms, or even in surrounding neighborhoods and schools.

Photos for Your Own Materials

These photos can be used to advertise your event in whatever creative ways you can imagine: announcement slides, social media posts, posters, etc. They are photos of the Sousa family, whose lives your guests will experience in stunning virtual reality when they attend the Compassion VR Experience!

The content was excellent, and the technology took me to the location.

What VR Users Are Saying

Compassion’s Virtual Reality Experience FAQs

You may be asked the following questions before the event: