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This quarter, your generosity has been especially felt in Sri Lanka. There, it’s protected and comforted families through devastating floods and economic crisis. The focus in Sri Lanka has been on providing stability, but hunger, supply shortages and hardships are still rampant. This especially hurts people living in poverty.

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Refuge from Floods and Wild Elephants

Wasana sits on ground

In the face of nature's wrath, Wasana's family lost their riverside home. But through Compassion Responders, their local church and their community, they found hope and resilience — and a second chance at a safer life. Read their inspiring story of perseverance and the power of compassion in the wake of total disaster.

Wasana sits on ground

Featured Recipe

Try this sweet and tangy pineapple cookie from Southeast Asia called nastar. Nastar is believed to have originated from the Chinese community in Indonesia, as the recipe and technique are similar to that of Chinese pineapple cakes. However, the Indonesian version has been adapted to incorporate local flavors and ingredients. They are filled with spiced pineapple jam and are popular for their melt-in-the-mouth texture. Families in Indonesia, Bangledesh and Sri Lanka often serve these delicious pineapple balls on holidays and special occasions.


Pray for People in These Countries Facing Disaster

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been facing an economic crisis since the pandemic. Many families can't afford basic goods, and recent policy changes and importation challenges are causing a severe resource shortage. Pray that families would be able to find and afford food, medicine and fuel.

Sri Lanka

The worsening economic crisis is putting children at greater risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Pray that the situation in Sri Lanka improves and that God will protect children there.


Heavy rainfall caused a river to overflow in Oruro, Bolivia. The flooding damaged several homes and erupted water pipelines. To date, 54 Compassion-assisted families and four child development centers were damaged. Pray for speedy recovery and for the resources needed to repair damaged infrastructure.


Heavy rains in Ziway, Ethiopia damaged crops and homes. Pray for comfort and for resources to begin repairs.


Heavy rains caused flooding and mudslides in the northern part of Honduras. Pray for comfort and for resources to rebuild.


Political turmoil combined with desperation and economic instability has led to a crisis where gangs are controlling the country through violence. Pray for God’s protection over the children and their families there, and pray for the violence to cease.

For more ways to pray, please read our latest crisis updates.

See Your Impact!

This quarter, your impact as a Compassion Responder has been felt around the world.

Compassion responds to large-scale crises like the global food crisis. We also respond to small, localized disasters that affect single communities. Through your support, we’ve provided disaster relief in 131 crises. Here’s a breakdown of how you’re making a difference.

Small-scale disasters


Small-scale disasters.


Compassion children and family members served.


Disasters related to small-scale flooding.

Large-scale disasters


Large-scale disasters.


Compassion children and family members served.


Related to global food crisis response.