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See Your Kingdom Investment at Work

Because of your generosity, children are being welcomed into brand-new Compassion centers across the globe. We've even begun work in a brand-new country!

Compassion Multipliers™ like you are blessing thousands of new children by helping us partner with more churches to strategically grow God’s kingdom.

This quarter, we’re highlighting how your impact has helped us partner with churches and offer God’s hope to children in a new country: Malawi!

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Children in Malawi now have greater hope for brighter futures

Malawi children playing

Home to more than 20 million people, Malawi is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. It’s also where life expectancy is among the lowest. Poverty, poor nutrition and lack of quality healthcare puts young people at risk of early death — a fact reflected by the median age in Malawi at just under 17 years-old.

Compassion and the local church want to change this by bringing God’s love, hope and provision to more children there. We are now partnering with 16 local churches in Malawi to serve 1,176 children through our child development program.

Malawi children playing

Meet 3-year-old Mashoni

Mashoni stands next to adult

Mashoni was born in Malawi. He has cerebral palsy, which affects his legs. He couldn’t stand up or walk. With no means to afford specialized medical care, his parents lost hope.

His family accepted that, though they loved Mashoni, there was nothing they could do to help him. Then a miracle happened. Compassion started working in Malawi, and their local church began hosting a Compassion-supported child development program. After registering him for the program, his church made it possible for his mom, Asiyatu, to further consult with a hospital regarding his condition. They recommended specialized ankle-foot orthoses to help his development. A few short months later, Mashoni is already able to stand.

Mashoni stands next to adult

Pray for the beautiful country of Malawi



Malawi’s extreme weather tends to heavily impact food security. And much of Malawi’s imports come from countries affected by the war in Ukraine. Pray that families receive the food they need to last through the seasons of extreme weather.


Praise God that the Malawi government is allowing the expansion of God’s kingdom through this ministry and that resources are coming to a country that desperately needs Christian-based child development.


While Malawi has a large Christian population, less than 30% of Christian women say they have someone to talk to about their faith. Pray for community and opportunities for Christians there to grow and deepen their faith.


Pray that children in Malawi would receive greater access to vaccinations, medicines and medical checkups.


Pray for protection from extreme weather, for access to sanitary bathrooms and for clean water.


Pray that even more churches establish partnerships with Compassion and that more children in Malawi would be welcomed to receive support and experience the gospel of Christ.

Your Impact at a Glance

Compassion Multipliers like you have blessed over 26,960 kids with access to 110 new Compassion Centers in just three months. That’s a town’s worth of children who can now find nutritious food, medical checkups, education and the love of Christ because of your gift. You’re helping to provide them with:

  • Annual medical checkups.
  • Consistent education.
  • The Gospel proclaimed loud and clear.

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