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In poor communities around the world, families think they are collecting buckets of water, but they are also collecting buckets of typhoid, cholera, hepatitis and other life-threatening diseases.

This video shares how one simple safe water system can effectively purify water, eliminating one of the most dangerous risks to a child’s growth and development. And because every system is delivered through an indigenous, evangelical church, safe water not only restores a child’s health but it also presents an opportunity to pour the love of Jesus into her home.



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Diseases from unsafe water stop children from growing
into healthy, productive adults. Your church can change that.

Blake Goss


A Pastor's Perspective

"Global missions has always been a passion of mine. But the opportunities available are overwhelming. A few years ago I began to pray that God would give Freedom Church a specific cause that would excite us and align with our vision.

Soon after, God led me to Compassion's Water of Life. I researched it thoroughly and found eight reasons why our church should provide safe water to families in poverty." Read more

the-facts-clean-water The Facts

> Each safe water system removes 99.999 percent of bacteria and protozoa, effectively providing a family with enough safe water for up to ten years.

> A safe water system can treat up to one million gallons of water.

> In Rwanda, an estimated 58 children die every day from diseases found in dirty drinking and bath water. Since 2010, we have distributed more than 29,000 safe water systems to Compassion-registered children and their families in this country.

The Solution

Compassion’s Water of Life. One system can provide a family up to one million gallons of safe water by filtering out deadly bacteria and pollutants. The safe water system has been tested and approved by the United Nations. Because it prevents water-borne diseases, it helps children attend school regularly instead of spending hours collecting water or, worse yet, suffering from grave illnesses at home.

What Can My Church Do?

A safe water event is a simple, inspiring way to give everyone in your church the opportunity to put their faith into action and model Christ’s love for children. We provide you with:

>  A demo safe water system (during your service make dirty water safe and invite a member of your church to drink it!).

>  A video that helps people see the need and how the safe water system works.

>  Facts and stories to help you share the global problem and the impact safe water has on a child.

When your church takes part in a safe water event you are transforming the health and development of children in poverty.

How Does It Work?

Every $79 gift provides a family with one complete system, which can yield up to one million gallons of safe water. That's enough to meet a family's needs for ten years!

How will this strengthen my church?

Providing safe water to children in need is a great way for people to demonstrate their investment in the Kingdom of God in a tangible way. When a generous spirit takes root in individuals, a culture of generosity flourishes in churches.