Tom Andrix with his grandson and granddaughter
A Mission Worthy of Investment

Caring about others is a purpose people are built for, regardless of our age. This rings true for Tom Andrix, a former business analyst seeking purpose and meaning in his retirement.

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Julie Patterson with her sponsored child
Defining Our Family's Purpose

Julie and her husband, Jeff, have sponsored children since 1985. Their involvement with Compassion comes down to calling and purpose.

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Christelle Vermeulen with her children
Do the Extraordinary

Christelle Vermeulen is a Compassion sponsor, child advocate and mother of three. Eager to think of alternate ways to share Compassion’s work outside her church, Christelle put a God-inspired innovative idea into action.

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Carla Murray with her husband and son
Everyday People Fulfilling the Great Commission

Carla is a part-time online teacher who homeschools two of her three children. She and her husband were the points of contact for their church's child sponsorship event on Compassion Sunday.

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