This is a four-lesson experience that churches host for families with elementary-aged children. Through Scripture, videos and hands-on cultural activities, families learn about the concept of calling. We are called to follow Jesus, the church is called to show Jesus to the community, and believers are called to care for one another.

Step Into My Shoes promotional image with the four Filipino children featured

As we step into the shoes of five Filipino children, we learn biblical principles through each child.

  • Jonas – He is called to follow Jesus. Learn what this means. Families consider their calling to follow Jesus; it can be hard, risky, joyful and purposeful.
  • Leah – How does a church live out its calling to believers and to the local community? Families consider relationships within the (local) church and within the (worldwide) Church.
  • Audrey Mae – How do we respond to our call to care for those in need? Families consider how to put faith principles into action.
  • Heugene and Heunice – Now that you have experienced poverty, what is your next step?

This experience ends with an opportunity to sponsor a child through Compassion International.


As families understand the concept of calling, we hope they will respond with Christ-like compassion. Through the study of Matthew 4:18-22 and 1John 3:16, 17 participants consider how to put these biblical truths into practice. Often when faith is put into action the outcome is spiritual growth.


This person requests and receives materials from Compassion for promotion, presentation and sign-up for child sponsorship. This person generates momentum in the church for the Step Into My Shoes event and is the overall champion and organizer for the event. This role does not require public speaking (unless you want to).

What to Expect
  • Free and on-demand access to the Step Into My Shoes Leader’s Guide. Each activity as a supply list with clear directions for implementation. Scripted lessons are easy to follow.
  • Minor expenses associated with providing supplies for activities.
  • Depending on the scope of your event, you may need to recruit volunteers to help you.
  • If you do not want to lead others through the experience, recruit someone comfortable with public speaking.
  • A free 15-minute coaching phone call to help you plan. Let us know if you’re interested by emailing [email protected].
Volunteer Roles
  • Speaker—leads families through the experience. All steps are fully scripted.
  • Audio/visual technician—downloads video resources and starts videos at the designated time.
  • Supply Manager --collects/provides supplies for activities. These are common items that can be purchased at a grocery/craft store.
  • Promoter—Generates anticipation of event through tweets and posts on social media. Provides promotional copy for church newsletter, bulletin and announcements.
  • Facility crew—sets up and tears down: tables, stations, activities.
  • Greeter—welcomes participating families and directs them where to start.
  • OPTIONAL: Interior Designer—creates an atmosphere like the island of Luzon.
Next Steps
  • Consider being the Compassion representative to bring Step Into My Shoes to your church.
  • Collaborate with decision-makers at your church to determine an event date and add it to your church calendar.
  • Register now for immediate access to the Step Into My Shoes (Philippines) Leader’s Guide.