You’re at the right place to get ideas that:

  • Connect your church to God’s work around the world
  • Empower your church to put faith into action


We help clear your path so you can do what God has called you to do: love those He loves and care about what He cares about.


His life and teachings shape our programs. We partner with gospel-centered, indigenous churches around the world so they can reach their communities for Christ through our child development programs.


"Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." — James 2:17 (NIV)

When your members engage with Compassion they put faith into action.

Our free ministry resources help your congregants become:

  • Outwardly focused
  • Aware of what God is doing around the world
  • Investors in the Kingdom of God


We complement your efforts to grow followers of Christ by providing practical applications that put faith into action around the world. Let’s do ministry together.

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Email us or call us (866-607-5162) to access these free ministry tools.

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Compassion Sunday

Present child sponsorship in your church on any Sunday. A presentation typically consists of a testimony from a child sponsor, a short Compassion video, and the ability to sponsor a child on-site. Pastors often align their sermon to encourage congregants to sponsor a child as a way to put faith in action.

When Compassion Meets Action book cover

When Compassion Meets Action

A five-session group study about life choices. Participants reflect on their purpose as they consider the opportunity in Revelation 3:8, "See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut." Consider a fearless walk of faith through God’s open doors. Ideal for small groups, a sermon series, or an all-church study.

Step Into My Shoes

Step Into My Shoes

A four-lesson experience for families with elementary-aged children. Through Scripture, videos and hands-on cultural activities, your family will walk in the footprints of children living in poverty in the Philippines. This series is an education with practical ideas to exercise faith.
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The Stories We Tell

A four-part series designed for women. Who you are is a combination of your unique expectations, circumstances, yearnings, talents, pain and joy. At its core, this study is an invitation to live out Ephesians 5:1-2. What holds us back and what launches us? Sit with the greatest Editor as you write your story. Then step out in faith.

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The Compassion Journey

A 30-minute, audio-guided activity for families or small groups. Six stations highlight the environments and challenges that children face while living in extreme poverty. How do they live? What do they fear? What do they dream about? See poverty through the eyes of a child and consider how to respond in faith with action.

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Virtual Reality — Haiti

A 5-minute immersion into the sights and sounds of Haiti in a 360-degree experience. See a church, visit a home, ride a bus and listen to the locals—all through Oculus virtual reality goggles. How will you respond in faith to God’s invitation to join the movement to serve the poor in Jesus’ name?

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Missional Boosters for Vacation Bible School

Five daily lessons to supplement your Vacation Bible School theme. Your VBS curriculum provides the biblical teaching, and Compassion’s boosters help children put that learning into action. Choose from five themes: Water, Leadership, Survival (reduce infant mortality), Child Development, or Medical/Dental.
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