We all embrace our calling from Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:18-20. This commission is, indeed, great — and sometimes overwhelming.

Our resources tend to influence how we respond to our calling.

  • Are there enough hours in our staff’s day to prioritize global missions?
  • How do we determine the most efficient strategy internationally?
  • Is it financially feasible for us to “go into all the world?”
Pastor Rob Paterson

"I care about the world. I want to help my church care about the world, too. But first, there’s about 87 other things we have to figure out in order to sustain our church’s long-term health."

Rob Paterson, Lead Pastor
New Hope Community Church

Pastor Charles Whitaker

"Everybody wants to sow, give and invest in something that has a high return on investment — especially when it influences the world for Christ."

Charles Whitaker, Pastor
River of Life Church

Pastor Tommy Theisen

"We’re a growing church. When we become a real church with a real building we will do more things then that we cannot do now."

Tommy Theisen, Lead Pastor
Cross Connect Church


These pastors share common ground. They are part of Converge MidAtlantic, and they needed ideas to help fulfill their global mission. Today they work with Compassion’s network of churches to share God’s love around the world. We invite you to join them.

>>  Read how Compassion helps Pastor Tommy Theisen and Cross Connect Church in Ashland, OH be on God’s mission and stay on mission.


Upon request, we’d like to begin — or continue — a conversation with you. We’d love to hear about your church: How do you uniquely express Jesus’ love and grace in your church family, in your geographic neighborhood, and around the world?

When we understand your church’s dynamics, we can share ideas that invite your people into God’s field of harvest. We can be more effective together.

 Brian Weber


Connect with a member of Compassion’s Church Engagement team. Together you can design a missions plan that is sustainable for your church — a plan that doesn’t drain the resources you have worked hard to put in place. Let Compassion help you make international connections for Kingdom-building efforts through child sponsorship. It’s an efficient, effective and relational way for families and individuals to participate in global missions.

Our family sponsors Magaly and Angie, two girls in Bolivia. I never imagined how much sponsoring a child would impact my life. Every family in your church can have a global, life-changing relationship with a child through Compassion.


Compassion International was founded by Rev. Everett Swanson, pastor of Central Avenue Baptist Church in Chicago. The church was a member of the Baptist General Conference which was later renamed Converge. Later, Swanson became a missionary and founded Compassion International in 1952 after an evangelistic tour in Korea.

In the early days of Compassion, Everett and his wife, Mariam, worked from an office in the basement of their home. They were supported by donations from regional churches. The Swansons asked families to contribute $10/month to feed, clothe and shelter orphans in Korea.

Today, Compassion has 2.1 million children enrolled in holistic child development centers hosted by more than 7,530 indigenous gospel-centered churches in 25 countries.


Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we hear from pastors. The unanswered questions you may still after reading through the list can be answered when a member of Compassion’s Church Engagement team responds to your request to Contact Me.