Speaker Yannely Suero

Topics: Compassion Alumni

Yannely Suero

Passionate about serving her community though medicine, Dr. Yannely Suero works as a pediatrician assistant in her hometown of San Juan, Dominican Republic. She plans to become a pediatrician and, along with her husband, launch a community health foundation focused on children.

The youngest of five children raised by a single mother, Yannely grew up in abject poverty. There was often not enough food for a single meal each day; medicine and clothing were even more scarce. When she was sponsored into Compassion’s child development program through her school, everything changed. She no longer needed to worry when she might eat next; healthcare, nutrition, clothing, and education were provided through her sponsorship.

Stirred with compassion for the children ravaged by parasites within her community, Yannely dreamed of becoming a doctor. Through Compassion’s leadership development program, she was able to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then go on to medical school at the esteemed Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. Her favorite part of her work as a pediatrician assistant is seeing the smile on the faces of the children she gets to help.

Yannely is an empathetic and passionate speaker. She loves talking to young people, women’s groups, and church congregations about chasing your God-given dreams and using your gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Yannely and her husband, Jose Frank, live in San Juan, Dominican Republic, with their new baby daughter, Sofia.