Rynna Muchiri

Topics: Compassion Alumni

Rynna Muchiri

Rynna Muchiri’s passion for empowering young people is evident in her volunteer work as a youth coordinator at her church. She finds great joy in teaching teens the Word of God, and is thrilled for the opportunity to impact other young lives just as hers once was.

Raised in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Rynna and her family moved often, continuously seeking out more affordable housing. Her father pastored a church whose congregation predominantly experienced the same challenges of poverty her family did, which contributed to the struggle of making ends meet. When another pastor shared about Compassion with her dad, Rynna was enrolled into their child development program. With education, healthcare, and nutritious food provided through her sponsorship, this changed everything for her and her family.

After graduating high school, Rynna went on to study in the USA, earning her medical assistant certification and Associates degree in Business Administration. She currently lives in Black Diamond, WA, where she works at Heritage Bank, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics at Mid America Nazarene University, and volunteers in her church’s Sunday school youth program.

Rynna is a vibrant and relatable communicator who enjoys speaking to youth groups, college students, and church congregations on the love of Christ, the power of kindness, and the importance of living with compassion and empathy.