Keewani Vallejo-Cook

Topics: Child Advocacy, Compassion Alumni, Poverty

Keewani Vallejo-Cook

With a genuine heart for people and a strong desire to provide help and healing, Keewani Vallejo Cook thrives in her work both as a physical therapist and she travels around the states and Canada to give her testimony.

Born into abject poverty in the Philippines, Keewani’s childhood was difficult and heartbreaking. Her family moved frequently due to their inability to pay rent, and there was rarely enough food to go around. They lost family members to treatable medical conditions, all because they could not afford healthcare when it was needed. Life was hard, and she couldn’t imagine a way out of the hopelessness.

When she was 7 years old, Keewani was invited to participate in Compassion's child development program at a local church. Through the love, support, encouragement and care she received from her sponsors and program staff, her life began to change drastically. Hope grew in her heart as she experienced God’s great love and learned that He had a plan for her life and future. Being sponsored through Compassion made it possible for Keewani to receive an education and a university degree, which released her from the poverty she grew up in. Her family recently launched a children's ministry in their own backyard directly impacting young people in their community and helping to spread the word of God.

Keewani is a compelling speaker who loves to inspire young people and adults to grow in their relationships with the Lord. She speaks passionately about the power of prayer, faith without limits, discovering God’s will, obedience to God and the compassion of Jesus.

Keewani and her husband, Terry, live in Dallas, Texas.