Katerine Mota

Topics: Compassion Alumni

Katerine Mota

Katerine Mota lives in Bonao, Dominican Republic, where she works as an external host for Compassion International, facilitating sponsor trips to the region. With vast experience in leading teams, organizing schedules, and translation work, she is thriving in her role.

With her biological mother unable to care for her because of a lifelong pattern of crime and drugs, Katerine was raised in the mountain town of Bonao by a loving, hardworking woman. The identity of her biological father was kept from her until after he’d passed away. Robbed of any relationship with her dad and essentially abandoned by her mother due to her poor choices, Katerine held a lot of resentment, anger, and mistrust which impacted every relationship in her life.

When her grandmother’s church partnered with Compassion, she advocated for Katerine to be enrolled. Being sponsored into Compassion’s child development program, and eventually also their leadership development program, changed her life forever. In addition to having her educational and healthcare needs met, Katerine learned about her Heavenly Father who would never leave nor forsake her. She also experienced the profound peace and freedom that enveloped her after she forgave her mother.

Katerine earned her bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. She plans to eventually attend theological seminary to expand her Biblical knowledge as well. A vivacious communicator, Katerine enjoys speaking to youth groups and church congregations about hope in God and His matchless care for us.