Jose Pina

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Jose Pina

Dr. Jose Frank Piña practices medicine in his hometown of San Juan, Dominican Republic. As a general practitioner doctor in the local hospital as well as the manager of the emergency department, Jose Frank is grateful for the daily opportunity to provide hands-on help and healing to those in need. He also has a segment on a weekly television program in which he shares medical and healthcare advice.

Jose Frank was raised in Los Mojaos, a dangerous neighborhood in San Juan, Dominican Republic, known for its gang violence and frequent flooding. When he was 4 years old, he was enrolled in Compassion International’s child development program at a local church, and he found hope and light in the midst of the dark environment of his community. Through his sponsorship, Jose Frank received medical care, nutritious meals, and vocational courses in subjects like English and computers. Of greatest importance, he also discovered the love of Christ, learned to be a leader with integrity, and began to dream for his future.

After high school, Jose Frank obtained his bachelor’s degree in health sciences and then applied for medical school. He dreamed of becoming a doctor but knew he could not afford to study medicine. However, his determination and discipline paid off: his excellent grades earned him a full-ride scholarship to attend the prestigious medical school at Autonomous University of Santo Domingo. Jose Frank is also President of the Dominican Medical College in San Juan.

Jose Frank is an articulate and passionate communicator, with experience speaking to young people as well as church congregations. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he poignantly shares his story, inspires perseverance to conquer obstacles, and encourages others to pursue big dreams.

Jose Frank, his wife Yannely and daughter Sofia live in San Juan, Dominican Republic. Humbled and grateful to have broken the cycle of poverty, they seek to give back by sponsoring a Compassion child of their own.