Jonathan Almonte

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Jonathan Almonte

Jonathan Almonte is passionate about empowering the next generation, bringing hope to the hopeless, and mobilizing the Church into action. As the manager of Supporter Engagement of Compassion Dominican Republic, he provides visitors with exposure and learning opportunities that will educate them about Compassion's response to poverty, influence their cross-cultural perspective, and motivate them towards child advocacy. Besides, he provides management and oversight to a team of professional and support staff in a broad division of Compassion's ministry carrying out various functions such as, but not limited to, production, sponsor and donor experience (from written/visual content to tours and visits), and quality assurance.

He is also the founder of Doulos Liderazgo, Servicio, y Amor, a ministry which provides leadership training to local churches and cares for people’s spiritual and emotional needs through mentorship programs and camps. Through a partnership with Compassion Dominican Republic, Doulos LSA has equipped more than 65 churches in effective youth ministry strategies and trained more than 1,700 young people in Compassion programs throughout the country.

This work is deeply personal for Jonathan. He experienced extreme poverty firsthand, having grown up in a crime-ridden ghetto in Santo Domingo. However, he also personally experienced hope and the transformation it can bring to a surrendered heart.Jonathan’s life began changing when his mother enrolled him in Compassion’s child development program. For the first time in his life, all of his educational, nutritional, medical, and physical needs were taken care of, and Jonathan felt believed in like he never had before. That deep sense of worthiness and belonging drove him forward, developing him into the leader and family man he is today.

Through Compassion, Jonathan was able to attend university, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in modern languages. He is currently a student of Theological Studies from the Wisdom and Integrity Institute associated with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also graduated from the Public Policy Process program at the Leadership Institute, and has a long history of public speaking at government, community, and faith-based events. He is fluent in both Spanish and English and enjoys every opportunity to speak about God’s mission for the poor, passion for children, and purpose for His people, as well as the global impact of the local church.

Jonathan lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with his wife Kary and son JD. Spending time with his family after a long day of work is one of his greatest joys.