Daniel Cross

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Daniel Cross

With a strong background in music and business, Daniel Cross works in the eCommerce sector as a business administrator specializing in online store maintenance. He currently manages more than 32,000 products on online platforms.

Daniel grew up in a small, impoverished community in northern Dominican Republic, where his parents worked in ministry. When he was sponsored into Compassion’s child development program through his school, his heart and mind were opened to so many new things. In addition to receiving education, healthcare, and Bible classes, Daniel also had the opportunity to study music and was exposed to computers and the internet for the first time. Thanks to his sponsorship, he received extensive training in operating computers as well as in music.

Through Compassion’s leadership development program, Daniel had the opportunity to attend the National Music Conservatory of the Dominican Republic. He recently started an online BSc Computer Science (Web and Mobile Development) career with the University of London. A passionate and gifted communicator, Daniel enjoys every opportunity to share his story and stir hope in others’ hearts.

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