Chris Seay

Topics: Author, Campus Ministry, Church and Society, Culture and the Church, Global Poverty

Chris Seay

Chris Seay takes every chance to celebrate and share his love of God with all who will listen. His many talents and leadership qualities allow this storyteller, pastor, writer, musician, husband, father, and son to compellingly convey the story of the absolute love of Jesus, the Liberating King to the church and culture.

In 1995, at the age of 23, Chris left his ministry as Pastor of a rural church in Central Texas to start a church that could reach his peers. His studies at Baylor University and the friends nurtured there, including a young and developing worship leader named David Crowder, became the core group of this new church; University Baptist Church.

In 1999 Chris and his wife Lisa moved to Houston's Montrose district with brother Robbie Seay to start a missional church in the most challenging neighborhood in the city. Ecclesia is a unique community that is living out the gospel in compelling ways.

As President of Ecclesia Bible Society, Chris 20-year vision for a new translation of the bible has manifested into The Voice. His desire to overcome the obstacles to traditional methods of teaching biblical content has grown to present the Bible in narrative ways that overcome these obstacles to people coming to faith.

Chris has authored many books including: The Gospel According to Tony Soprano, The Gospel Reloaded, Faith of My Fathers, The Tao of Enron, The Gospel According to LOST, and most recently The Gospel According to Jesus.

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