Adam Lebron

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Adam Lebron

Adam Lebron’s passion for music was borne out of hardship. Raised in an impoverished community in Dominican Republic, he started working at a young age to help support his family. Even still, it was tough to make ends meet. Life was challenging and hard, but through it all Adam found peace and motivation in music. With handcrafted instruments made of buckets and bags, he and his friends formed a band and the creative outlet brought life to his soul.

While walking past a local church one day, Adam saw children singing with real instruments and even a microphone. Drawn into the church by the music, he learned about Compassion’s child development program and his mother signed him up. From there, everything changed. He no longer needed to worry where his next meal would come from or whether he would have the uniform and supplies required to attend school. Adam was also provided opportunities to fuel his passion for singing; the seed of hope that music had sprouted within him grew tall and strong in his heart.

After high school, Adam was selected for Compassion’s leadership development program and given the opportunity to obtain his bachelor’s degree in marketing from UNAPEC, a private university in Santo Domingo. He works as a marketing manager, sings on the worship team at his church, serves with a ministry that reaches out to children living in poverty, and is currently studying music at a local institute.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Adam enjoys speaking about his personal testimony, God’s purposes for our lives, and overcoming obstacles. He lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with his wife Ana.