Homeschool Curriculum: Evangelism

Lesson 1 Part 1

In this lesson, children learn about the West African country of Burkina Faso and design, make and play with sports equipment from recycled materials.

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Lesson 1 Part 2

In Part 2, children identify spiritual gifts given to God’s children and explore how God can use all of us to share the gospel through play and sports. The lesson includes creating a family plan for simplifying sports or play equipment and donating to those in need.

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The Compassion Experience

Compassion Headquarters

A visit to our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs will provide you a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand our passion for children and to learn how long-term child development battles poverty.

Homeschool Lesson Plans

In this set of homeschool lesson plans from Compassion International, students learn about the West African country of Burkina Faso and design and make sports equipment from recycled materials. This lesson gives you the opportunity to teach your children about geography, reading, and writing. Our homeschool lesson plans also guide your student to identify spiritual gifts and learn how to share the gospel through play.

Supplement your homeschool lesson plans with additional information about the country of Burkina Faso, including featured stories from individuals living in the West African country, its history, culture, and religion.

Along with learning about Burkina Faso, your children will enjoy the creative activities included in these homeschool lesson plans. They will gain a greater understanding of what life is like for children in a developing country and will even get some new sports equipment to use.

Our homeschool lesson plans make a great introduction to Compassion and our programs. Your student may even wish to sponsor a child from Burkina Faso!