Homeschool Curriculum: Prayer

Lesson 4 Part 1

This lesson gives insights into the fair-trade industry in the developing world. Students get to design and create fair-trade products similar to those found in Mexico.

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Lesson 4 Part 2

Part 2 helps students apply biblical principles of fairness in business through examples from Scripture. They create a plan to support fair trade through prayer and action.

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Children praying

The Compassion Experience

Compassion Headquarters

A visit to our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs will provide you a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand our passion for children and to learn how long-term child development battles poverty.

Free Lesson Plans

Part four of our free lesson plans teaches your student about the country of Mexico, the principle of fairness in business, and introduces the fair-trade industry. They also give you the opportunity to teach your children about geography, reading, and writing. The spiritual emphasis for this set of free lesson plans is prayer.

Supplement your own homeschool curriculum with additional information included in these free lesson plans about the country of Mexico, including featured stories from individuals living in the Central American country, its history, culture, and religion.

Along with learning about Mexico, your children will enjoy the creative activities included in these free lesson plans. They will gain a greater understanding of what life is like for children in a developing country and will learn to create fair-trade products.

Our free lesson plans make a great introduction to Compassion and our programs. Your student may even wish to sponsor a child from Mexico!