Homeschool Curriculum: Giving/Tithing

Lesson 3 Part 1

Launching this lesson, students practice giving and receiving oral directions and learn about map skills as a prelude to learning to follow Jesus’ directions about giving to others.

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Lesson 3 Part 2

In Part 2, children discover biblical principles about Jesus’ call to follow Him through discipleship. The “gift” of listening to others is explored.

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The Compassion Experience

Compassion Headquarters

A visit to our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs will provide you a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand our passion for children and to learn how long-term child development battles poverty.

Christian Lesson Plans

Part three of our Christian lesson plans features the South American country of Peru and emphasizes giving and tithing. This set of Christian lesson plans include instructions on making homemade maracas and also teaches students map reading skills.

Supplement your Christian lesson plans with additional information about the country of Peru, including featured stories from individuals living in the South American country, its history, culture, and religion.

Along with learning about Peru, your children will enjoy the creative activities included in these Christian lesson plans. They will gain a greater understanding of what life is like for children in a developing country and will even get some new maracas to use.

Our Christian lesson plans for children give you as homeschool parents the opportunity to teach your children about geography, culture, evangelism, gratefulness, honoring God and much more.